The LEIDE Group

The LEIDE research group is made up of professors and researchers from the Universities of Alcalá, Salamanca, Alicante, País Vasco and Nebrija, the Instituto Cervantes and Alcalingua-UAH. It also has a large network of collaborators in many countries, all of them teachers of Spanish in different educational institutions.

The LEIDE group is coordinated by Professor Ana Blanco Canales (University of Alcalá).

Our interests

About us

All the members of the LEIDE group are united by our interest in the acquisition, learning and teaching of second languages, and more specifically, Spanish.

Within this field, our backgrounds are different, ranging from theoretical linguistics to cognitive psychology, sociolinguistics, psycholinguistics, psychopedagogy and didactics. Likewise, the aspects on which we have worked offer great diversity: phonic component, learning strategies, lexical availability, affectivity and motivation, communication skills and abilities.

  • María Brígido
    María BrígidoUniversidad Nebrija
       “Emotion moves the world, and learning is a process […]
  • Marta Nogueroles López
    Marta Nogueroles LópezUniversidad Nebrija
         “No one can learn a language without motivation, attitudes, […]
  • Álvaro Sesmilo Pina
    Álvaro Sesmilo PinaUniversidad de Alcalá
    “In our Spanish as a foreign or additional language classes, […]
  • Natividad Hernández Muñoz
    Natividad Hernández MuñozUniversidad de Salamanca
         “Multilingualism is the norm in the world. Bilingual minds […]
  • Ana Blanco Canales
    Ana Blanco CanalesUniversidad de Alcalá
         “Almost every word in our mother tongue carries an […]
  • Alberto Rodríguez-Lifante
    Alberto Rodríguez-LifanteUniversidad de Alicante
             “What makes a human being “human”? It is probably […]
  • Mari Mar Boillos Pereira
    Mari Mar Boillos PereiraUniversidad del País Vasco/Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea
           “The concept of interlanguage brought about a change in […]
  • Juan Orellana
    Juan Orellana
    “Applied theatre produces a favourable context for developing a teaching-learning […]
  • Gabino Boquete
    Gabino BoqueteUniversidad de Alcalá
         “Emotion is a fundamental element in the learning process: […]
  • María Vaíllo
    María VaílloUniversidad Nebrija
         “As a good psychologist, I am interested in people. […]
  • Carmen Rodríguez
    Carmen RodríguezUniversidad de Tecnología de Jamaica
           “In a dance classroom you repeatedly practice the choreography […]
  • Nuria Camuñas
    Nuria CamuñasUniversidad Nebrija
       “Emotion is innate in human beings and plays an […]

Our collaborators

Our research work is possible thanks to the collaboration of institutions, researchers, teachers and students, who provide the necessary data and open their classrooms to experimentation. They are all aware of the importance of language learning in a globalised world in which effective and affective communication is the best guarantee for development, integration and coexistence. They are also aware that research into the processes of second language acquisition will make a decisive contribution to improving teaching (training curricula, methodological approaches, strategies, etc.).

These are the universities and language centres that support us.

These are the researchers and professors who collaborate in our research work.

We are willing to grow. The LEIDE Group is strongly interested in establish a broad and widespread network of partners to enable knowledge sharing, cooperation and transfer.