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International Conference on Language, emotion and identity

Emotion and emotivity in languages. Theoreticals perspectives and lines of research

17th september 2021
Universidad de Alcalá

The International Conference on Emotion and emotivity in second languages. Theoretical perspectives and lines of research aims to generate a cross-disciplinary space for dialogue and reflection in which theories, paradigms and research results meet to understand the impact and manifestations of emotion in languages, both in the mother tongue and in second or foreign languages.

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Dialogue on Emotions in Second Language Learning: From Identification to Teaching


4th March 2021

Online event

This webinar aims to enable people with experience in second language teaching and research to answer questions about the importance of emotions in the second language teaching-learning process.

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The aim is to generate a dialogue based on the trajectories experienced and the studies carried out. The different perspectives on the same reality only enrich this field of study and help to identify possible lines of work or ways of intervention in the classroom.